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Castles of the Samurai: Power and Beauty Japanese Castles 1540-1640

Hiroshima Castle

Images: Daniel O'Grady


Hiroshima Domain

1600 - 1619

Fukushima Clan

498,000 Koku

1619 - 1871

Asano Clan

426,000 Koku

Hiroshima Castle is classified as a flatland castle (its layout: Rinkakushiki), and is located in Hiroshima Prefecture. During the pre-modern age, it found itself within the borders of Aki Province. It is associated with the Mōri, Asano clans. Dates in use: 1589 - 1874.

The castle was completely destroyed in WWII with the current main tower being a concrete reconstruction. Some supporting buildings have been rebuilt using traditional methods in recent years.

Mōri Terumoto, one of five samurai entrusted with ruling Japan after Toyomomi Hideyoshi's death, built this castle in 1591. In the battle of Sekigahara Terumoto, having sided with the losing side, had his lands greatly reduced and was forced to leave this castle for Hagi castle.


1589 Mōri Terumoto started building the castle.
1599 The main tower was completed.
1600 Following he Battle of Sekigahara lost half of their lands, including this castle.
1619 The Asano Clan were stationed here.
1874 The castle was abandoned.
1945 The castle was destroyed by an atomic bomb.
1951 The castle was rebuilt using wood.
1957 The castle was rebuilt using concrete.
1994 The Nino Enclosure was rebuilt.

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