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Kasama Castle

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Kasama Domain

松平 (松井)
1601 - 1608

Matsudaira (Matsui) Clan

30,000 Koku

1608 - 1609

Ogasawara Clan

30,000 Koku

松平 (戸田)
1612 - 1617

Matsudaira (Toda) Clan

30,000 Koku

1617 - 1622

Nagai Clan

32,000 Koku

1622 - 1645

Asano Clan

53,000 Koku

1645 - 1692

Inoue Clan

50,000 Koku

松平 (本庄)
1692 - 1694

Matsudaira (Honjō) Clan

40,000 Koku

1694 - 1747

Inoue Clan

50,000 Koku

1747 - 1868

Makino Clan

80,000 Koku

Kasama Castle is classified as a mountain castle, and is located in Ibaraki Prefecture. During the pre-modern age, it found itself within the borders of Hitachi Province. It is associated with the Kasama, Makino clans. Dates in use: 1219 - 1871.

All but forgotten since the castle was decommissioned in the early Meiji period, it seems the ruins of Kasama castle will finally be getting some attention. The local government announced in March, 2011 that a large-scale survey would be undertaken of the site. A budget of ¥5,740,000 has been allocated. There are exceedingly few examples of Mountain castles with stonework remaining in the Kantō region, hence the interest.

Fortifications were established atop Mt. Sashiro during the Kamakura period and continued to be in use for over 600 years. Little remains of the castle except for some stonework, one relocated turret & two relocated gates.

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1219 The first fortifications were built by this year.
1235 Construction of the castle was completed.
1590 Toyotomi Hideyoshi's armies destroyed the Utsunomiya clan & their retainers, the Kasama clan, who where lords of the castle. The Tamanyu clan were given control of the castle.
1598 The Gamō clan were transferred here. They renovated & expanded the castle.
1747 The Makino clan were transferred here. Nine generations resided here until the end of the castle's life.
1871 The castle was abandoned.
1873 Most buildings were demolished.
1880 The Hachiman Turret was relocated to the Shinjōji temple.
2011 It was announced that a large-scale study would be undertaken of the castle ruins.

Historical recognition

SiteNational Historic Site
GateCity designated Important Cultural Property