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by Daniel O'Grady

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Katsuyama Palace

Images: Daniel O'Grady


Katsuyama Domain

1864 - 1869

Mōri Clan

36,000 Koku

Katsuyama Palace is classified as a mountain castle, and is located in Yamaguchi Prefecture. During the pre-modern age, it found itself within the borders of Nagato Province. It is associated with the Mōri clan. Dates in use: 1863 - 1871.

My visit here was very enjoyable with more that few surprises. First off, there was the sensationally-maintained grounds. Next, there were the similarities and differences when compared with a typical (1600's) castles. The final surprise was that it seemed the purpose of the large walls was to aide in terracing more-so than just as a barrier.

Google Map Views (グーグルマップ)

Best view ベストビュー
Orbit view 軌道ビュー


1863 Construction started. It was built to replace Kushizaki Jin'ya
1864 The site was completed after just seven months.
1869 The land was surrendered to the Emperor but the buildings continued to be used in governing the domain.
1871 The site was decommissioned & the buildings were dismantled.
1989 Shimonoseki city gained control of the site and initiated its preservation.