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by Daniel O'Grady

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Kaminoyama Castle

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Kaminoyama Domain

松平 (能見)

Matsudaira (Nōmi) Clan

30,000 Koku

1622 - 1626

Gamō Clan

40,000 Koku

1626 - 1692

Toki Clan

25,000 Koku

1692 - 1797

Kanemori Clan

37,000 Koku

松平 (藤井)
1797 - 1871

Matsudaira (Fujii) Clan

30,000 Koku

Kaminoyama Castle is classified as a hilltop castle, and is located in Yamagata Prefecture. During the pre-modern age, it found itself within the borders of Dewa Province. It is associated with the Mogami, Matsudaira clans. Dates in use: 1535 - 1873.

This castle was built when Buei Yoshitada, a retainer of the Mogami Clan, expanded the defences of Tsukioka Castle. This castle was built at the southern edge of the Mogami clan's territory and played a part in the conflicts between the Mogami & the Date clans.


1535 The castle was built.
1628 The main tower was completed.
1697 The Fujii branch of the Matsudaira clan were transferred here & remained until the castle was abandoned.
1873 The castle was abandoned.
1982 The main tower was reconstructed using concrete.