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Kaneishi Castle

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Tsushima-Fuchū Domain

1587 - 1871

Sō Clan

100,000 Koku

Kaneishi Castle is classified as a flatland castle, and is located in Nagasaki Prefecture. During the pre-modern age, it found itself within the borders of Tsushima Province. It is associated with the Sō clan. Dates in use: 1528 - 1871.

The island & province of Tsushima played a unique role & important role in Japan/Korea relations in the centuries (more like millennium) leading up to the modern era. Effectively bridging the two countries, the island acted as a way point for diplomats & military forces alike.

Dominant for centuries (actual centuries), the Sō clan fortified their central residence in the early/mid 1500's. The multitude of changes & expansions that would take place over the years resulted in this site transformed into a castle, a mountain fortress (Kiyomizuyama castle) and a new residential castle (Sajikihara castle). Little remains but stonework at all three sites.

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1528 A fortified residence was established at this site.
1587 The Sō clan were confirmed in their domain by Toyotomi Hideyoshi preceding Hideyoshi's pacification of the island of Kyūshū.
1669 The existing site was expanded upon and turrets added. Thereafter, it was referred to as Kaneishi castle.
1678 Sajikihara Castle, a residential-style castle was built. Kaneishi castle continued to be used.
1813 The turret-gate was lost in a fire.
1817 The turret-gate was rebuilt.
1919 The turret-gate was torn down.
1990 The turret-gate was rebuilt.
1995 The site achieved National Historic recognition.

Historical recognition

SiteNational Historic Site
GardenNational Site of Scenic beauty