Japanese Castle Explorer

by Daniel O'Grady

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Kiyosu Castle

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Kiyosu Castle is classified as a flatland castle, and is located in Aichi Prefecture. During the pre-modern age, it found itself within the borders of Owari Province. It is associated with the Oda clan. Dates in use: 1405 - 1610.

Originally this was a castle of the Shibata clan but later it was used by the Oda. This castle was cannibalized in the construction of Nagoya castle. Kiyosu castle's original golden dragon-headed dolphins that once adorned the roof are located in the Oda clan's family temple in Gifu prefecture.


1555 Oda Nobunaga came to reside here.
1582 Oda Nobukatsu inherited the castle.
1586 A large-scale restoration was undertaken.
1610 The castle was abandoned.
1989 The main tower was rebuilt.