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The Baur Collection: Japanese Sword-Fittings and Associated Metalwork Strongholds of the Samurai: Japanese Castles 250-1877

Kubota Castle

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Kubota Domain

1602 - 1871

Satake Clan

205,000 Koku

Kubota Castle is classified as a hilltop castle, and is located in Akita Prefecture. During the pre-modern age, it found itself within the borders of Dewa Province. It is associated with the Satake clan. Dates in use: 1604 - 1880.

It's not often you come across a castle that is famous for not having something but that is exactly what we have here. It was built without a main tower or stone walls. The Satake clan's lands were hardly defenceless though. Elsewhere within the region were two other castles & five fortified residences.

Google Map Views (グーグルマップ)

Best view ベストビュー
Orbit view 軌道ビュー


1604 The castle was constructed by Satake Yoshinobu.
1635 The castle underwent restoration.
1781 The castle underwent restoration.
1880 All buildings in the main enclosure were burnt down.
1989 The Sumi Turret was reconstructed.
2001 The Omote Gate was restored.

Historical recognition

SiteCity designated Historic Site