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Tottori Castle

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Tottori Domain

1600 - 1617

Ikeda Clan

60,000 Koku

1617 - 1632

Ikeda Clan

320,000 Koku

1632 - 1871

Ikeda Clan

320,000 Koku

Tottori Castle is classified as a mountain castle, and is located in Tottori Prefecture. During the pre-modern age, it found itself within the borders of Inaba Province. It is associated with the Kikkawa, Ikeda clans. Dates in use: 1532 - 1871.

This was the location of an infamous 200 day siege that pitted Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s army against the resident Kikkawa lord. After more that 200 days the provisions were spent & Kikkawa Tsuneie, under the terms of the surrender, committed suicide to save the remaining troops.


1545 The castle was built by the Yamana clan.
1575 Yamana Toyokuni became lord of the castle.
1580 Toyotomi Hideyoshi laid siege to the castle. Toyokuni surrendered.
1581 Toyotomi Hideyoshi once again laid siege the castle. After more then 200 days & on the verge of having to resort to cannibalism, the lord of the castle, Kikkawa Tsuneie, surrendered & committed suicide thus ending the siege.
1585 The Miyabe clan became lords of the castle.
1601 Following the battle of Sekigahara, the Ikeda clan were awarded the castle & set about renovating & expanding the castle.
1692 The main tower was struck by lightning & destroyed. It was never rebuilt.
1720 Over half of the buildings were lost in a major fire.
1844 The Nino maru palace was rebuilt.
1877 The castle was abandoned.
1957 The castle grounds became recognised as a national historical site.
2000 Sections of the stonework were damaged in an earthquake.

Historical recognition

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