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Tsuchiura Castle

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Tsuchiura Domain

松平 (藤井)
1601 - 1618

Matsudaira (Fujii) Clan

35,000 Koku

1618 - 1649

Nishio Clan

20,000 Koku

1649 - 1669

Kutsuki Clan

30,000 Koku

1669 - 1682

Tsuchiya Clan

45,000 Koku

松平 (大河内)
1682 - 1687

Matsudaira (Ōkōchi) Clan

22,000 Koku

1687 - 1868

Tsuchiya Clan

65,000 Koku

Tsuchiura Castle is classified as a flatland castle (its layout: Rinkakushiki), and is located in Ibaraki Prefecture. During the pre-modern age, it found itself within the borders of Hitachi Province. It is associated with the Oda, Fujii, Tsuchiya clans. Dates in use: 1429 - 1873.

Legend has it that fortifications were first built here in the 900's. Whether this is, in fact, true or not cannot be confirmed as no supporting records remain. By the mid 1400's it seems fortifications were indeed established with the following century seeing several battles. Following the battle of Sekigahara, a battle that saw victory for the Tokugawa & their allies, the castle was expanded & improved, bringing it up to modern standards.

Remaining since the mid-1600's is the Taikō Yagura Mon, a humble, yet well-preserved gate. Recent decades has seen efforts made to restore sections of the castle with the rebuilding of the Higashi & Nishi Turrets in addition to the Yakui-styled, Kasumi Mon.

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1429 Fortifications were built between 1429 to 1441.
1516 Something happened.
1590 Following the defeat of the Hōjō at Odawara Castle, Toyotomi Hideyoshi awarded the castle to the Tsuchiura clan.
1601 The Fuji branch of the Matsudaira clan were transferred here. It was while they were lords of the castle that Tsuchiura castle attained its final form.
1618 The Nishio clan was transferred here.
1620 The Higashi & Nishi Turrets were first built.
1622 The main gate of the castle was replaced by a turret-topped version.
1649 The Kutsuki clan was transferred here.
1656 The Taikō Yagura gate, the castle's oldest remaining building, was built.
1669 The Tsuchiya clan was transferred here.
1682 The Ōkōchi branch of the Matsudaira clan were transferred here.
1687 The Tsuchiura clan was transferred here.
1873 The castle was decommissioned. Following that, all buildings outside of the Ni-no maru were demolished & the extensive moats were filled in.
1950 The Nishi Turret was damaged during a typhoon.
1991 The Nishi Turret was rebuilt.
1998 The Higashi Turret was rebuilt.

Historical recognition

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