Japanese Castle Explorer

by Daniel O'Grady

Japanese Castles 1540-1640 3d Himeji-jo 3D Puzzle

Japanese Castle Turrets

Yagura - 櫓/矢倉

These turrets were constructed in much the same way as the larger, central keeps. Generally, they were located at corners atop sweeping stone walls and served as storage space & lookout posts.

Hira Yagura - 平櫓

A versatile building that served a multitude of roles. Often they were used at lookout posts toward the outer reaches of the defences. Further in, they mostly served as storage space but in some cases they were used for religious rites.

Tamon Yagura - 多聞櫓

The most identifying feature is its long, hallway-like form. Commonly, they existed as a link between two tower-style turrets. The interior could be used to house soldiers or store weapons or food.